Encoder Error no capable devices found

Using v3.0.5 if I try to encode using H265 I get “Encoder Error no capable devices found try a different encoder” H264 works OK.

Windows 10 Enterprise i5-9600k 3.70 16gb memory GTX1070 H265 Main 10 NVIDIA Dione DV 2x FPS

Maybe because your card doesn’t support the latesr NVENC encoding?

The GTX 1070 does support NVENC H265 encoding, per the Nvidia support matrix (https://developer.nvidia.com/video-encode-and-decode-gpu-support-matrix-new)

Unless this only happens on the 4th or more concurrent session (the driver for consumer cards is limited to a max of 3 sessions) then I would check the driver version to make sure you are running the latest (or at least the minimum version supported by Topaz).

I don’t recall version 2.x supporting h265.

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Can’t swear to Topaz support, but I am running a GTX1050 as a h265 encoder/decoder coprocessor in my Plex server. Works fine there and with ffmpeg for h265.

Where did you get ffmpeg for h265, can’t find it. Thanks

It’s built-in, like -c:v libx265

And to use Nvidia hardware compression it is: -c:v hevc_nvenc

The ffmpeg that Topaz installs was built with the Nvidia encoder libraries. The builds on GitHub also include NVENC support.

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The program updated a few days later and that fix it.