Edward the hopper :)

Basic Adjustment, HDR for Insects preset, Insect wings preset, Color Overlay, Daily Texture background, Color Theme (to match bg and insect), Color Overlay (soft light to soften bg)

Impression - Edward Hopper I applied to above

original photo


Really nice! #1 is super!!

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Cool title :grin: Love the effect too

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Nicely done…love the BG treatment.

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Fabulous- and thanks for sharing the technique. I’ll have a play later!

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Funny title. No 2 is my favourite along with the original image which is a winner, too.

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If it’s not being too cheeky to ask, would you feel able to let me know how you get that fabulous blend from the greenish background into the white texture? I’ve tried with the masking brush but can’t get anything like it.

@tony_g1 the background is a texture I purchased from Daily textures which is splosh like … I used Impression on the image - a pencil like preset to get the sketchy edges

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Thanks ever so- I shall persevere!

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Wonderful blending of tones and texture.

@CabanaBoy I used Color Theme to match the tones of the grasshopper to the texture background

The processing effects are well done.

Color Theme? I googled this and found something about Color Scheme, but not sure this is what you used. Please clarify as curious minds need to know. Mahalo!

@CabanaBoy Color Theme is one of the pro Adjustments in Topaz Studio. If you had the older plug-ins it sort of works like Topaz Restyle

My understanding (and this may not be correct in anyway) is that it selects the main 5 colours of an image. You can than change each of these five colours to other ones. One of the ways I use it is to select the Color Theme adjustment and it will give me the Color theme for my image … then I copy this adjustment … and I can then apply the Color theme of the image to the replacement background or entire composite image I create. Also I have saved a couple of Color Themes that I created from my images that I liked (eg. a beach scene one and from autumn leaves) … I can then use those on other images.

Brilliant! I use the ReStyle Plugin from time to time and I can clearly see how Color Theme provides wonderful enhancements. And I can also see how this fits into your work flow. I’ve added Color Theme and I’m looking forward to giving it a spin. Thank you very much.

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