Edges in Studio?


I was playing with a preset today (black line only II) under simplify. Great look for a line drawing!! something weird happened and I can not seem to figure out why.
Under the edges adjustment I switched the monochrome edges from dark to light and my image came up in a colour with some white edges. I then switched back to dark and my image stayed in colour with some dark edges.
This is not a huge issue as I just clicked on the preset again and all was fine. I do find it curious that this happened though. Any suggestions as to why?

Thanks, Gary


I don’t know why but I was able to replicate your results.

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Thanks Kathy

At least I;m not losing it. :slight_smile:


Didn’t notice it myself

Didn’t notice it or can’t duplicate it?

Retracting my statement…was not using a black/white preset. Went back, applied a black/white preset and had the same result of the image turning to color.

If you want to go back to the original effect, select the preset again. Switching the Edges type will cause the Dark/Light to use their default blend modes. I suspect the problem you’re encountering is related to the blend mode - keep an eye on that, and you’ll see what I mean when you try both of these:

  • Toggling the Preset
  • Toggling the Edge Type

This is why it is different.

Thanks Joe

I will have a look. I went over every slider to see if one moved somehow but totally missed the blend mode.

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Same here, actually. I spoke with @partha.acharjee, who was responsible for the update, and he showed me what was going on there! The easiest way to “go back” is the Undo/Redo buttons, or by simply clicking the preset again :slight_smile: