Edge of the Lake

On a summer’s day a moose stands near the edge of a lake while over head a flock of wild birds fly over the lake’s water.

A digital illustration using various 2D and 3D digital art programs (Photoshop CC 2018, Lightroom CC 2018, Topaz Impression 2.0, ArtRage 5, Daz3D Studio 4.9).


Terrific processing!

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I really like how everything comes together… Love how You send further away the trees on the background. :+1:
btw, how did You use ArtRage in this picture?

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Wonderful capture and processing! How much did you pay the moose for posing so nicely?

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Tranquil and beautiful Ken …

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Impression is awesome. I seldom fire up Corel Painter 2017 or Corel Painter Essentials.

Very nice illustrated effect!

Thanks kindly…

I would say your has some peacefulness to it - hard to imagine hunter near by, which is what I like - thank you for sharing.