Early Morning Walk Through The Park


This is a wonderful image, the flow, the colours … so very good


Thanks very much Sharon!

Very atmospheric, nicely done.

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This is so nice!!!

This conveys a feeling more of a night walk to me because of so much blue in the top.

It is a lovely image and a great composition.

The painting of such gives it a lovely romantic feel. Overall, lovely. I enjoyed your piece very much and it stood out.

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Very nice. You’ve captured a mood.

There is a lot of clutter of seats and other stuff along the way. Have a think of what you want your ultimate image to be. Where was your vision leading you when your first worked on this?

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Wonderful capture and edit …

What a great picture. Congratulations.

I like the muted colour range

Well done and very stylish.

Beautiful image. Very nice blend of painted and detail from the photo and very creative use of colors!

Love the scene…excellent capture.

Beautiful image, mood, colors and painterly style… great job and well done.

I love this photo! The mix of street light and dawn are just beautiful. I’ve heard that dawn is a wonderful time for photopgraphy, unfortunately for me dawn comes at around 8:30.

Thank you everyone for your kind comments - I really appreciate your feedback :slight_smile:

You can hear the stillness of the, refreshing, early morning air. There is no clutter in this image. Everything is important to portray the feeling. This is lovely!

Thanks very much Michigander for those very nice words :slight_smile: