DXO Labs goes goes into receivership

(Don) #1

It seems as though DXO Labs, the software company, has gone into the receivership.

(fvanderb) #2

I did some research after reading your comment and found that DXO LABS filed bankruptcy January 15, 2018 and a report was due back to court on March 16, 2018. What I haven’t found is what will happen now. I own and use DXO Viewpoint, DXO Pro and now DXO Lab software regularly. It’s a very good raw processor/convertor. If they go under they will be missed.


See comments section : https://www.dpreview.com/news/3776732295/dxomark-splits-from-dxo-labs-is-now-an-independent-privately-owned-company

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(Randy Reid) #3

This is terrible news!! I have grown to love the auto correct for all my pictures which I just do not want to spend more than a minute on. I go to it a lot for pictures I want to post but only want to put minimal effort on.
DXO has the best zero click correction.
I open an entire folder of RAW and then simply export to another folder as JPEG and the results are amazing for such little work.
I hope they come out whole on the other side of their bankruptcy.

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(Jack) #4

Seems DxO are majoring in camera-sensor data - especially for phones! The Nik Collection is too good to retire or fail: some canny investor mebbe already has plans to save it?! We live in hope.

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(Randy Reid) #5

Found this. Seems like DxO might be just fine. Time will tell, but it was good to read. I feel better now.

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(Larry) #6

Here is an update from DXO.

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