Duplicates of Plugins showing in Corel

I realize that Topaz is not officially supported in Corel Draw Graphics Suite (CorelDRAW / Photo Paint). However, they do generally work.

I’m getting multiple instances showing in the Plugins List. I don’t appear to have multiple versions installed. For example, under “->Plugins -> Topaz Labs” I see two instances of Denoise AI, plus DeNoise AI BETA under "Topaz Labs LLC"

I also see two instances of Sharpen AI.

CorelDRAW-1 CorelDRAW-2

If I choose the wrong one, I get an error "“launch plug-in failure”), followed by a Topaz “Invoking plugin” window, followed by a complete crash.

I’ve removed the references to the plugins and reset the workspace and then set the reference path again, but I get the same.

In Photoshop, I don’t get the duplicates in the main list, but I do still get “Topaz Labs LLC/DeNoise AI BETA” showing up.

I know that for a while the installers were leaving old versions installed, but I only have one version of each program installed.

Is there some sort of Registry poo left behind that I need to clean up? How do I get rid of pointers to phantom programs?

I know nothing about Corel Draw but they are probably coming from the Topaz Studio directory which has plugin files there.

Move copies of the plugins, including the Studio plugin, into a separate directory and reference that from Corel.

I just want to be clear on what your are suggesting:

  • Create a shortcut for each app and place in a separate directory?
  • Copy/duplicate the .EXE file to a separate directory?
  • Copy/duplicate the entire TOPAZ LABS folder to another directory?

No shortcuts, no copies of EXEs or moving folders. As I said;

  • take a copy of each of the plugins from the folder where the application is installed they have the extension .8BF
  • place in a separate folder and reference that from Corel as a plugins folder
  • delete any reference to the original Topaz Labs install folders in Corel as plugin folders

Also i don’t understand why you have a link to DeNoise Beta as you don’t seem to be a beta tester.

OK. Did not know that the “plugins” were the *.8BF files.

So I have duplicated all of my AI (64-bit) plugins to a separate folder and pointed to that folder from within CorelDRAW. This has provided a clean list of plugins. :+1:

You are correct that I have not done Beta Testing for Topaz Labs. I think one time there was an update to DeNoise that was released with the “BETA” designation. I found the left-behind DeNoise AI BETA.8bf file, changed the extension temporarily, and that no longer appears in the list.

Do you know if these plugin files change from version to version, or do they just act like a shortcut to the program?

Also, within the C:…\Topaz Labs LLC folder, there is a folder for Topaz Studio 2. And within that folder, there is another PS_Plugins_x64 folder with all of the plugins.

I’m wondering if that is where the confusion is coming in with the plugin list, since each will appear twice somewhere within the C:…\Topaz Labs LLC subfolders.

Yes they may, so for each update just copy the new plugin and overwrite it in the folder you have created.

They are unique to Studio 2 only so just leave them there the only one to copy is the Studio 2 one “tltopazstudio2ps_x64.8bf” don’t copy over the others.

That may be so with Corel but Photoshop and Affinity Photo don’t get confused because they will load only the latest.