Duplicate image within Topaz 2

I want to Duplicate the image within Topaz 2 as a further layer. I use this technique, change the blend mode, opacity and mask to get the results I want. What are the steps to take?

This functionality is planned on the roadmap but a current workaround is to import the image as a texture and use the Texture filter to do what you want.

The other option is to continue to use Studio 1 for these types of actions until the functionality is in Studio 2.


This might work … open the basic filter (but don’t change any sliders) … you can then adjust the blend mode and opacity as a layer … also if needed you should be able to set the basic filter layer to “use original as input”

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Every Look and Filter in TS2 has an opacity slider which will allow blending of the modified picture with the original. You can change the blend mode of the modified version. It is essentially the same result as adding the original in an image layer and blending it. The downside is you can’t place the original image anywhere in the chain of filters.

Is it possible to Duplicate image as layer in topaz studio 2 version 2.3.2?

I’m afraid not - that functionality still hasn’t been added.