Duplicate frame removal based on what the new "Telecined" input flag does, but for progressive video

The new “telecined” input flag works wonders converting progressive video that was incorrectly made 29.97 fps back to 23.976 fps. It reliably removes the duplicated frames that were inserted and seems to move the remaining frames to the correct times, leading to correct frame pacing.

However, because the “telecined” flag was made with interlaced video in mind, it noticeably reduces the visual quality of fine detail in progressive video. It would be nice to get the frame rate conversion from 29.97 fps with duplicate frames to 23.976 fps, optimized for progressive video as well.

Note that the “replace duplicate frames” toggle in the frame interpolation module is not sufficient for this. It detects duplicate frames unreliably and then does nothing to correct the time stamps/frame pacing in content that is 29.97 fps, but actually should be 23.976.

Edit: I realized that this can already be done in the CLI, by setting

"-filter_complex" "decimate"

So this is something that merely should be exposed to the GUI.

Telecine does not work correctly so far: Topaz Video AI v3.5.4 - #31 by Artur_Alekseev

When 29.97 → 23.97 conversion is done (when needed) there are duplicate fields (NOT frames) that needs to be removed.

Mostly they are 3 fields from every 10. But its more complex. Not always they are just duplicated of field that is before.

Considering the topic. Frame interpolation models always replace dropped duplicate frames. Surely its super easy for Topaz team to add a feature just to remove duplicate frames without replacing them. Hope it will be done someday.