Dull Grey Day

A dull, grey day in late autumn at Peggys Cove, Nova Scotia.

Source was a digital photo I took a couple of years ago.

Software: Lightroom Classic, Photoshop CC 2018, Topaz Impression.


Excellent mood and atmosphere …love the silvery look.

This is a beautiful image

Love, love, love it!!

An excellent composition!

I agree with Bob’s comment… a very nice look and PP.

Nice look …

Lovely effect.

Thanks kindly for the comments and views…

This is a very emotive image. It speaks to me in ways I don’t know how I feel. The first time I looked at this, days ago, I felt it a great image but somehow beyond what I could feel. Now I look at your image and I just feel such depth and it pulls me in to the muddiness of the water near the steps but leads me into the brightness of what is still a grey day. And I want to follow the birds - which are also positioned perfectly. You have done a wonderful job on this, both in light, texture and painting.

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Wow…such kind words…

Honest emotion, kenmo.

Excellent composition and the silver effect is great, overall A+

Lovely composition, I like the splashes of white against the gray!

Beautiful, very creative (almost) monochromatic use of Impression!

Thanks very much… :slight_smile:


Love the mood of it all. Nice work.

Looking at one of my favourite pieces of work again, there is so much color when you look. This is a stunning piece of work. A Dull Grey Day is actually very colorful, kenmo.

I don’t know why I didn’t comment on this the first time it came up. It is a beautiful, intriguing image. It gives me a solemn, peaceful feeling.