Dual GPU Support?

Can someone confirm whether or not SAI and GAI utilize dual GPU’s in computers that have them? I don’t mean Integrated /Discrete but rather machines like 2013 Mac Pro (especially) or PC’s running Crossfire/SLI. Is this behavior different standalone vs plugin? Photoshop itself only uses one GPU I understand.


I guess you mean Sharpen and GigaPixel … but no, they will use only 1 GPU.

For those who don’t understand the acronyms and jargon here, SLI is a proprietary NVIDIA product where you can use 2 GPUs (must be the same) and Crossfire is a proprietary AMD product where you can use 2 Crossfire enabled GPUs for increasing frame-rate playback.

Inherently the major issue and difference between the two is that Crossfire has a long way to go as it is more prone to stuttering because of a inconsistent pacing of frames being generated by the cards.

I’d love this too. Perhaps instead of trying to split one task across both, it would be easier to code it to use multiples if you’re doing a batch (each GPU doing one picture at a time, perhaps even the option to use CPU in the mix if you have a fast one, so you’re maxing out all 3 components!)
I have a '13 Mac Pro with the 12-Core Xeon and dual FirePro D700s (6gb video memory each) and it’s so underutilized. Applications like Final Cut Pro or the Adobe Suite work through Metal 2.0 to utilize all 3 (I can see them all max out while it slices through tasks), but I’m unsure if how the AI suite works if they could even use Metal

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Yes please !! I have dual Radeon Pro VII, with 16GB Vram each and a Threadripper 24 core CPU… Gigapixel use the first GPU at 100%, but the other GPU and the CPU are sleeping or mining bitcoins while i’m waiting for my batch to finish … For 2021 maybe ?

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Yes I would love multiple GPU support. Sharpen AI, in particular, maxes out my GPU (Radeon Pro Vega II) and I would love to be able to throw more power at the process. Supporting the Infinity Fabric Link would be especially appealing.

I currently have a 2 gtx 970’s in my I7 rig. The latest experimental Multi GPU support in Topaz software does not see both GPU’s, it will see my I7 integrated graphics gpu and one gtx 970. Furmark benchmark utility and GPUz and games that use SLI GPU and windows system show Dual GPU setup and no errors. I am working with Topaz now to try to resolve. They say my system does not see both because DXdiag does not show both, but everything I do does except Topaz. All benchmark utilities’ show both GPUs running with clocks and temps. It would be nice to be able to use them both. Crossing my fingers for a fix.

Upvote! Dual D700 here. If you’re doing more than one video, you can run multiple instances of a topaz product, then select one specific GPU (or your CPU). I’ve run 3x instances this way to use all 3 of mine. Would be great to utilize all 3 through Metal for one instance of a topaz product

Hey pom, do you have the RadeonProVII still?

How does it perform?

Hello, yes we still have those cards. You need to be more specific in your question as for which tasks your are talking about.

Honestly, if you don’t need 6x display outputs, I would not recommend it since it’s Vega GPU which is already old technology (no ray tracing, no AI core, no 8K H.265 encoder, etc) but it have fast RAM bus, so for pixels filling task like display to 6x 4K, it does the job if the frame is not to hard to generate. For 3D games, better use another card. For Topaz, we don’t use them anymore since the 24 cores Threadripper is as fast for the old version of Topaz, didn’t try the new version yet.

In resume, if you don’t have to use this card for it’s specific characteristics, you should invest the same money in a more recent NVIDIA.

Thank you very much for the quick reply.

The HBM memory and the fact that they are very cheap at the moment (800€) are a great thing.

Unfortunately, as you wrote, the performance is no longer up to date, especially when it comes to AI.

I would have been interested to see how it performs in the TVAI benchmark.

If you have a link I can run the test for you.

In TVAI you will find the Benchmark tool in the process drop down menu.

Many thanks.

Screenshot 2023-11-25 203439