Dual GPU Support?

Can someone confirm whether or not SAI and GAI utilize dual GPU’s in computers that have them? I don’t mean Integrated /Discrete but rather machines like 2013 Mac Pro (especially) or PC’s running Crossfire/SLI. Is this behavior different standalone vs plugin? Photoshop itself only uses one GPU I understand.


I guess you mean Sharpen and GigaPixel … but no, they will use only 1 GPU.

For those who don’t understand the acronyms and jargon here, SLI is a proprietary NVIDIA product where you can use 2 GPUs (must be the same) and Crossfire is a proprietary AMD product where you can use 2 Crossfire enabled GPUs for increasing frame-rate playback.

Inherently the major issue and difference between the two is that Crossfire has a long way to go as it is more prone to stuttering because of a inconsistent pacing of frames being generated by the cards.

I’d love this too. Perhaps instead of trying to split one task across both, it would be easier to code it to use multiples if you’re doing a batch (each GPU doing one picture at a time, perhaps even the option to use CPU in the mix if you have a fast one, so you’re maxing out all 3 components!)
I have a '13 Mac Pro with the 12-Core Xeon and dual FirePro D700s (6gb video memory each) and it’s so underutilized. Applications like Final Cut Pro or the Adobe Suite work through Metal 2.0 to utilize all 3 (I can see them all max out while it slices through tasks), but I’m unsure if how the AI suite works if they could even use Metal