Drastic color shift on output

Hi. I’ve discovered that after upscaling or denoising, input and output files differ greatly in terms of colour hue and saturation. Is it normal behaviour? Or a known bug? How to avoid it?


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To some degree, there can be some color restoration that happens, but that depends on the source material and model used. Would you be able to supply an example screenshot?

I have a strange feeling that the After Effects - Topaz - Prores workflow messes up the color. When rendering Tiffs everything is fine. I didn’t have time to explore the issue more, since tiffs work fine, it’s a workaround I can work with for a while, untill I ran out of space :>

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I also had to resort to doing image output. I got lucky and found a 4TB hard drive for 50 dollars at a pawn shop.

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The left image is the original, and the right is after upscale in art mode - same result with gamma correction on or off.

In a recent previous post someone mentioned they fixed by changing to JPEG and altering the output mode. I found that works with jpegs.

However my image must be PDF as it is transparent. The color output controls only pop up with jpg images.

Clearly, retaining precise color is very important. Any suggestions?

Hi, I’m having a similar issue, with videos having a green tint to them when upscaling with Proteus and Gaia. It’s particularly problematic in scenes with skin tones, which makes them look slightly unhealthyand magenta coloured highlights in them. In general, videos also seem to be more contrasty as well, particularly in the shadows. It wasn’t this obvious in 2.6.4. Thanks

I think it’s a Prores thing. It gives more depth to the image but can be too strong on some material. Also the color shift one should pay attention to. I use it as an effect on old VHS. But on DVD and 720p it may be too much, it gives a slightly TV-look image on the PC screen already.

(Tiff on top)

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That’s interesting. I’ll test this out and see if it react’s differently in a H265 Main 10 or H265 container. But it shouldn’t really be different. It may actually be nice to have and additional enhancements layer that allows you to add/correct basic image parameters like contrast, WB, Saturation, etc. Especially if you’re trying to restore older and faded material. Being able to do that in software may end up saving people that don’t want or can’t correct it later a lot of time.

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