Dramatic Color shift in Topaz 20.0.4

When I edit pictures in Lightroom and then send them to Topaz for enhancement via “edit with”, there is a dramatic color shift to the enhancements, that I have already done to the picture in Lightroom.
This does not happen, when I edit it through “File” “Addition module options” “Process with Topaz”.

But sometimes I want to enhance the version, that I have edited I Lightroom. Especially for a 22 MB picture will become 45 MB with “edit with” but 115 MB with “process with”.

Here are 2 examples, first the correct colors in Lightroom and then the colors of Topaz:

Is there a way that you can make Topaz show the correct colors?
I use an OM1 and the RAW file endings are .ORF



Can you submit a support ticket at support.topazlabs.com using the beacon at the bottom right corner of the page? We’ll be able to securely collect files from you and help you troubleshoot much faster than we can on this thread.

Yes, sure, if I understand what you want.
What is a beacon or do you mean “bell icon” and the bottom right on this page or in the TOPAZ Program?

There is a button with a message bubble when you got support.topazlabs.com. Please click that and fill out your information.

OK, Yes, I have figured it out and I have send the message there.


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