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I have contacted support last week when I had trouble with Sharpen and they NEVER responded. I have used Topaz for years. I just bought mask and I cannot finish the download. I am in “Setup” and installer is downloading the necessary files to my computer and it stops at component 5 of 6. If I cancel it when it errors out telling me "Unable to download component AI Resources " the entire setup starts over at component 1. So for 6 DAYS I have told it to “Retry” so I can at least start with component 5. It took me days to do the Sharpen AI update because of the same problem (except sticking at component 3 (library)). I finally got through it. What has changed on your end when downloading these updates? I have the same speed of download (slow - I live in the country and it is all I have).Are these the largest components and your system is dumping me? Can I download on to a thumb drive (laptopPC) at the library (if they were open) and then move on to my MAC? I would of course choose the MAC download. I would like to purchase Gigapixel, but JFC this is ridiculous.

All full installers for the AI applications are located on the download page, you can see them here:

Hi Don,
I am wondering how that will help me? I have link to download–are these different than what is on my page when I log in and look at my purchases? I will go ahead and cancel the 6 day one and try it…

The links on your page are for the standard installers.

You will notice on that page that the text says “Download links not working? Full installers:” download from those links not the icons on the right.

Anyway you will know if you clicked the wrong one because it will only be very small.

Ah! I just saw the large blue button. I am trying the full installer!!! So excited, I hope it works.

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You are a genius. Installed!
Thanks so much for your help,

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