Down Memory Lane in SFO

Here is a shot from which is a street viewer using google earth. You can get inside some places with it and view interior. I snipped a screen shot of this place called Buena Vista Café and Bar. I used to go there on travels to Bay Are many trips and eons ago. It was opened in 1916 and introduced the best Irish Coffee in the world in 1950s. Unusual to see it in this empty state as it is one popular place near the San Francisco Wharf area. Slight use of AI Remix and Detail and some CS4 work.


love it - the texture of the bar stools is super but the tables lack something - trim of the LH to the first ceiling lamp

Way cool. I was there years ago on a business trip and stopped for their Irish Coffee after dinner at Scoma’s.

Great image!

very nice result that certainly takes me down memory lane - did two years of sabbatical at Stanford and spent every weekend plus some weekdays in San Francisco and Buena Vista was one of our eating spots