Don't treat your customers/new users like criminals; or at least be crystal clear about requirements to create a post

I just wanted to create a post for a couple of feature ideas. Instead I wound up wasting 30 minutes poking around the site and googling, looking for HOW to create a question, and for reasons why I might not yet have earned the privilege to do so.

I read the welcome message, checked my email, looked for sticky posts, read the entire FAQ. Zip. Nada. Finally, the right google search linked back to a similar question in this forum.

I appreciate forums moderated with an iron fist. They tend to be much more pleasant. But treating your customers like criminals before they even join? Without so much as a heads-up?

Extremely poor user experience. I’ve been very jazzed about Topaz products, but this poor experience has - in spite of the forum and products probably having little to do with each other - soured that enthusiasm.

Electronic forums have been around since the 80s. And policies for managing new user content as long. Why is Topaz reinventing the wheel? This nut has been cracked repeatedly. Just do what reddit does: Allow new users to create posts - maybe have to confirm email and do robot check first which is reasonable. This isn’t exactly StackExchange is it. But if you want to go that far, then fine, implement a points system - but BE UP FRONT AND CLEAR about what it takes to post a question or feature request.

I design software for a living, and have been a photography enthusiast for 40 years. All I wanted to do was make two simple, specific new feature requests that I think would make a huge quality-of-life improvement to Topaz Gigapixel AI. Instead, as completely irrational as I recognize this to be, I’m kind of pissed.

What is the issue you seem to have?

The Discourse software allows you to create a new thread in the following way:

  • Click on the Topaz logo
  • Click on the blue Plus logo at the bottom right of the page kand choose a category.

There are basic rules in place to stop spam and bots from posting.

This forum is specifically about Topaz products and is not Reddit.

Take your time to browse the forum and it is seems you actually found the right category as you have posted twice in the correct categories.

And as the forum is a modern design, and with your powers of observation as a professional you would have noticed the search icon on the top right which means you don’t need to exit to Google to search this forum.

Thank you for your advice and just cut the dramatic language as it doesn’t help. Tone it down.