Don't see the option to opt out from uploading images to Topaz

In the previous versions of PhotoAI I owned (the latest one was 2.1.x), there was the option to opt out from uploading images to Topaz. I have upgraded to 2.4.1, but no longer have this option in the preferences. Has it been removed? Does it mean that images can be uploaded without my knowledge, and I have no control over this?

The option to opt in or out of uploading images to Topaz was moved to the export dialog a while ago, but has been removed in the new 2.4 releases (I presume due to the number of complaints about it).

I would hope that means that no images are being uploaded, but I haven’t seen a dev confirmation of this.

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We no longer need are using images from users. We have disabled this option and no longer are requesting images to be shared with us for development purposes.

You may notice in your Preferences > General > Privacy menu the option to disable Anonymous Usage Tracking. This allows us to help improve Topaz Photo AI by sending in anonymous usage metrics and crash reports but not images.

If you ever want to share your work with us you can reach out to us at the following link:

Topaz Labs | Support Page