Don't see Photo Upgrade Plan Options


I want buy 1 years Photo Upgrade Plan for 99$. I have the plan to 28 November.

Please add this options to my account support.


Hi, goto the main Topaz Labs Web page

  1. Click on Account

  2. Then click on My Products

  3. Under Topaz Photo AI you’ll see Upgrades Active plus a date

  4. Next to the date is a grey symbol with a Question Mark in side it click on this symbol

  5. This will take you to the Topaz Labs Pricing page

  6. Scroll down until you get to the Upgrade Pricing, this includes the Black Friday deals

In the meantime here are the renew offer you seek

Photo AI = $74
Video AI = $129
Gigapixel = $49
DeNoise = $49
Sharpen = $49

Therefore Topaz Photo AI is $74

However, you won’t see the offers unless you’re signed in to your account

You also won’t see the offers if your Subscription is valid in that case you’re have to wait until it runs out

If these two don’t apply to you, then please send a Support Request and ask for help. Link for Support can be found at the bottom of this page

Hope this helps

While your answer is correct, it does not answer the question. I have the same problem.

As shown in the official documentation there was a Photo Upgrade Plan on the account page, which gives you one year upgrades for all your photo apps for $99.
(This forum doesn’t allow links, but it is in the “User Licenses and Upgrade Licenses” on the documentation page.)

Now this plan disappeared and only the individual upgrades remained.

Which is more than two times more expensive if I want to renew all my photo software. Instead of $99 it is $221.

Hi, Good point, unfortunately it does look like Topaz has withdrawn this Upgrade Plan just before offering so called Black Friday deals not good

Have you tried contacting Topaz over this issue

As there won’t be updates to DenoiseAI and SharpenAI I guess this discussion is kinda moot.
Do there’s absolutely no sense in buying an upgrade plan for those „dead horses“ - similar with Gigapixel, while supposedly an update here is told to be in the makes I guess this only ports back recent TPAI models changes and the (incomplete) fixes for the tiling issue.

So it really is TPAI or nothing. It’s not as if those older apps suddenly would stop working just because the subscription runs out. We‘re not at Adobe herr…

Yes, I wanted to contact them, but I cant find any working contact form anywhere on their page. The link you’ve sent seems dead. Am I doing something wrong?

If that is true, don’t you think they should communicate that somewhere? Denoise and Sharpen can be bought for $79 each at the moment. There is no information about that these are discontinued. Are they selling dead-end products without any notification?

Well, it was told in this forum repeatedly and also kinda officially confirmed that those two apps (denoise and Sharpen) won’t get any updates. And alss they now already didn’t get any updates for quite some time now.

Of course, this should also be taken into account and communicated by the sales and marketing department, I don’t really understand those tactics there.

It might still make senso for some people just to buy one of those single Apps e.g. only DenoiseAI if they just want to denoise images and then get a quite cheap but still very impressive solution.

So having those individual apps still for sale for people that don’t already have them does make some sense - but Topaz should clearly state this as a one time purchase and not talk about a year of upgrades AND of course not offer possible renewals for already existing customers.

Hi, Contact only works during office hours. I’ve just had a look and seems to be working my end.

If this still doesn’t work, then visit the main Topaz web page and a contract bubble will popup in one corner please click on this bubble

Also if you have a VPN on this maybe blocking your connection

Hope this helps

Ok, so there is no standard contact form that I’m looking for for days. There is just a silly bubble popup which is filtered by default on Firefox. I had to disable the Enhanced Tracking Protections to allow it.

Anyway, I’ve contacted them and they said the following:

The Photo Upgrade Plan that you’re referring to is no longer applicable because we’re not updating DeNoise AI or Sharpen AI in the future. You already own the latest versions of these and the webpage you linked to will be updated soon after our sale concludes.

Moving forward we will have upgrades for Topaz Photo AI and Gigapixel AI.

They also gave me an offer that they renew the Gigapixel for free if I buy the Photo AI renewal for $74. Which is nice, but it was super frustrating to reach here. All other webpages I’ve used have working contact form in Firefox or at least a public email address.

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What e-mail you use for contact…? I don’t see a support ticket from Topaz at the Website.

Please add Gigapixel upgrade for 1 years for my account to.

There was a little chat bubble at the bottom right of the webpage, but it was not appeared until I disabled the tracking protection in Firefox. Then they sent the answer in email from