Does this enhance the quality of camera footage?

I apologize I have been trying to solve a break-in that occurred a few weeks back and the video footage is lacking. I wanted to see if there was a possibility to enhance the footage to where we could see his face clearer or even make out the model of his car. I installed it hoping it did a trial version but I also dont want to have to drop 300 to realize nothing can be done. If you are interested in looking at this please let me know as I am a bit out of my element on this but all help is appreciated.

Our AI models can help enhance and clean up some footage depending on the quality of the input, however it is important to mention that that we don’t recommend our apps for any sort of law enforcement use. The Artificial Intelligence can introduce pixel data that wasn’t present in the original file and may not be 100% accurate for identification purposes. We recommend our apps for creative purposes only.