Does studio make my purchased plugin obsolete

does studio make my purchased plugins obsolete. if I can manage to upgrade my graphics card in my pc. and can I do mor in impressions as a plug in to my photoshop cs6.

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Studio doesn’t make your purchased plugins obsolete but those plugins that have been upgraded to be in Studio (not as an external plugin) will no longer be updated. Just the ones in Studio will be updated in the future just like CS6 will never be updated either and the biggest risk with products that won’t be updated is compatibility with the operating system.

As this is a user to user forum we cannot offer any information on what, if or when other plugins will be updated to be part of studio.

For applications like Impressions & Studio you can take a indication from the technical requirements but take note that ‘recommended’ is the best choice as ‘minimum’ states the bare minimum required.

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No…Studio does not make your purchased plugins obsolete…at least for the foreseeable future. As they are incorporated into Studio, upgrades will require Studio. Owned original plug-ins are incorporated into Studio and can be accessed either from your editor or from Studio. Studio Pro Adjustments, so far, have been primarily the most popular functions, either free or improved from existing plugins and if you own the corresponding plug-in, the Pro Adjustment has been activated and has not required a new purchase. As new abilities are added, they most likely will require a Pro purchase.

The Adjustments offer a pared down ability for a specific function, rather than loading an entire plug-in which may include features never used or duplicated. Rather than opening and closing plug-ins… all adjustments can be utilized on an image within one session. As a stand-alone, more than one image can be treated at the same time by copying the adjustments and pasting to the next image, there is a uniformity between them.