Does PhotoAI now upload your pictures to their servers by default?

In the latest version the save panel no longer has a slider to choose whether or not to upload your images to train their AI models. This option is also gone from the privacy settings.

Does this mean that images are NEVER uploaded to Topaz, or that they can ALWAYS be uploaded to Topaz and they just removed the option to prevent it?

So far I haven’t seen developers comment on this, which makes me concerned it is the latter. This needs clarification, and the longer it goes without an answer the worse it makes Topaz look.

We have disabled this previous feature in our most recent updates and the application will no longer receive images being edited while using Topaz Photo AI.

It used to be that when you Export an image in Photo AI there was a slider that gave you the option to share your image to help train Topaz models.
With the latest version that is no longer there. Are we supposed to assume that they’ve removed this functionality, or that they now always do it by default? If they’re going to remove the slider, they should also provide some clarification on why was this removed…