Does importing textures slow performance?

I have lots of textures I would like to import into the texture adjustment. But I don’t know if Studio has to load all of them when it opens, or just points to them when needed. So, will it slow Studio if I import them?

Also, I notice that whenever Studio updates, any textures I have imported disappear. Is there a way to make that stop happening?

You should be able to add them to the texture selections but as I understand it, it will duplicate them and not refer back to where they were originally filed. If too many added, it will eat up a lot of space.

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Thanks, Eleanore - I did know the additional textures were duplicated, but I don’t know how they are used in Studio - for example - are they in a file or database where a particular one could be pointed to and used but not be actually be loaded all the time? Or are they always loaded which would indeed slow down Studio… Or something else altogether?

I hesitate to import a lot because I don’t know the repercussions.

I think they are loaded when you open the Textures adjustment. Why not just add ten textures under a category called My Textures and see if that makes any difference. I have some and I don’t notice any appreciable slowing but computers have different performance capabilities.

I have loaded some, but would really like to import a lot more. I’ll give it a try a see what happens. I have an old computer which was really good way back, but it only has 12 gigs of memory - that may be a problem now.