Do you Only Pay For Updates?

Hi, I have used Topaz for many years now and like many was disappointed when they withdrew the FREE for life updates because they added an A I to the products name however I kept going as I liked what A I offered but I was also under the impression that now you only had to pay if you wished to update the software you purchased? Today I opened an image in Sharpen and get the message that I am in trial mode because I decided not to update after 20th November and my images would have a watermark.
Please can someone clarify that as I paid for the software I am entitled to use it even if I do not want to update? Thankyou. Russ.

As this is a user to user forum we don’t know what you have purchased.

You need to check your account and see when you’re updates expired. Then if you still don’t agree you should raise a support request at the main website.

Hi, sorry but that is not a reply to the question I asked.
I no this is a user to user forum and many knowledgably people are here.
All I want to no is if you purchased the software (irrelevant what part you purchased but in my case Sharpen, Gigapixel and Denoise) are you entitled to use even if you don’t wish to update it? Thank You.
Found the answer on there website and for anyone else who needs to no I quote.

Can I Still Use My Program If I Don’t Buy Upgrades?

Yes! Your user license gives you access to any version of the program you own. If you decide not to buy future updates to your program after your initial upgrade license expires, you can continue to use your program. If and when you decide that new features of our programs are worth having, you can buy a new 12 month upgrade license at that time.

Yes, that is correct. You should be able to continue to use any/all versions that were available during your first one-year purchase window ie a perpetual license for those versions. I would suggest looking at your account product dashboard which should tell you this info. If you think something is not right you would need to get support involved to take a look.

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Sorted via Topaz help desk, say there was a clitch in the system.

Maybe but it is now February and I have the same problem - seems like an intentional fault to force people into buying upgrades or new software !

Raise a support request at the main website. Users here no nothing about your personal account.