Do not start with an expired license when running the CLI

Do not start with an expired license when running the CLI.
In the case of GUI, a watermark appears in the preview in case of an expired license (or error), but in the case of CLI, the process continues without any action, which can be a waste of time.

For example, how about adding the following options to the filter.

   licence           <int>        ..FV....... Run with watermark if no license (from 0 to 1) (default 0)

In the GUI, set license=1 to execute with watermark, and in the CLI, set license=0 (or do not set) to stop execution when the license expires.

I agree that anything would be better than just going ahead with the watermark in the CLI. A warning in the console, as a minimum. The option to bail if in trial mode, would be better.
The people who use the CLI are not the same people that check to see how the current job is looking. Meaning, they won’t find out it’s been watermarked until it’s done, one hundred percent of the time.

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Had this happen again. Had 8 videos queued up to run. Checked in the morning and one did not run—probably something I configured wrong—and two had watermarks.
Now I have to run 6 of them again.

EDIT: I should explain that two of the videos had to be appended to the two that failed. My script does that automatically. That’s why my math might not have added up.

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Getting randomly logged out has gotten better. This is still an issue though. When the year changed and I got logged out, I had a batch of videos get watermarked. I would have rather come back to find they didn’t run at all and a login error.

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Lost 6 hours of processing last night because of this. Came back to all watermarked videos.

If license=0 and the user is logged out, it should close ffmpeg with an error. That way my script would error out and when I come back in the morning, I could login and start where it failed.

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