Do I Really Need a GPU?

Since AI Giga can be run in cpu mode, why make it impossible to install on PCs with otherwise powerful CPUs and a lot of ram memory?

Unfortunately I have an unsupported video card, which runs AI Giga although slowly (2X can take 15 minutes), while the CPU mode only takes 10 minutes, I have run this comparison several and the results are the same.

I believe the only requirement is that OpenGL 3.3 is supported on your PC. Note that this is supported on all PCs as OpenGL (Open Graphics Library) is the computer industry’s standard application program interface ( API ) for defining 2-D and 3-D graphic images. Otherwise applications would need to write their own graphics applications.

Thank you for your quick reply. The laptop I’m running this on supports
Photoshop CS6 easily, and many other image processing programs. Possible
you might look at the two attachments, one is the dxdiag result and the
other is the gpu-z screen, Maybe from this information you can see what is
preventing the AI programs from installing.

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DxDiag.txt (83.6 KB)

There should be a message as to why it won’t install so just post that here. In your post there is no indication of the OpenGL support so it might be that OpenGL 3.3 isn’t supported on your PC.

From your DxDiag I see both your GPUs are unsupported and don’t have sufficient dedicated vRAM. The general requirements are here, in this case Sharpen AI:

What I’m Trying to understand is that in AIGiga you can set the preferences to cpu rather than gpu. Why does AI then care and bother to check for open cl at all?

I have finally had some luck. I went online to nvidia and they had me download a new driver. I’m uploading the gpu_screen
This now shows open cl support so I’m hopng I can now install the AI programs.

The applications need OpenGL v3.3 or better. OpenCL I’d not used.

Note all applications used OpenGL as it is part of a graphics display system.