Do i need to purchase extras with Studio 2

Does Adjust AI, Gigapixel, JPG to RAW and Sharpen Ai come with Studio 2. or do I have to purchase them separately.
I am looking at the Black Friday Bundle and wondering if I should buy that or just Studio 2.

They’re all independent apps so you’ll need to purchase them all separately. Or buy the bundle.

Ah, thank you. So the sharpen in Studio 2 trial that i have just downloaded is different?

Yes, it’s very basic compared to Sharpen AI.

Ok thanks, I think in that case i will be better buying the Black Friday bundle. Before joining this forum I had been looking for this answer for 2 days and couldn’t find anything to tell me! So thank you it is much appreciated.

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Also, those independent apps seem to be updated far more often than Studio2. That is to say that the AI models seem to be more “up-to-date” in those independent applications.

I’ve just now purchased the Black Friday bundle and look forward to giving it a try tomorrow.
Thank you for the info on the upgrades, from what I understand the upgrades cost quite a bit after the first year. I plan to move myself over to Affinity sometime next year to rid myself of the Adobe subscriptions now that I’ve retired from training design applications and am concentrating on freelance photography.