Do Denoise AI & Sharpen AI work with mac M1 chip?

I am thinking of upgrading to a new M1 mac. I am curious if Denoise AI & Sharpen AI work on this processor. I read on one of the threads on this forum that Denoise works, but have not seen this any mentions on the official website. Is it native or via Rosetta? What is the performance like?


It is not officially supported yet.

Unlike the extremely unhelpful comment above, I hope to answer this next week when my m1 gets here. Until then, yes it does run, according to others. It is through Rosetta. And as AiDon said it’s not officially supported yet. Topaz will likely come out with an m1 optimized update later on.

I have just managed to run sharpen AI via. Rosetta on my M1 Mac Air.

I will try Denoise and Gigapixel over the next couple days.

I have a brand new Mac mini M1 with 16 GB of RAM and I would have to say that Denoise AI v2.4.1 is slower with generating previews and final output than my MacBook Pro 2018 with same RAM.

The apps have not been optimized for the M1 chip but will run using the Rosetta 2 translation layer. I would think that it would be slower, I believe that it is on the books to update the apps.