DNG or RAW, what is the difference

Good day to all,
from various videos I understood that RAW files are best for using Topaz photo applications. Since many years I’ve set .DNG as the output format of my Pentax cameras (latest is a K3), but not .RAW.
Question: Are there any disadvantages using .DNG as the input to, i.e., Topaz Denoise?

I’d checked the .DNG files and they seem to include the camera’s name and (hopefully) as well the belonging camera profile. Will the Topaz application use this information?

Thanks a lot in advance for any information.


If output from the camera it is a RAW file with the DNG extension.

The only disadvantage is that DeNoise AI WILL overwrite a DNG as it assumes that it isn’t RAW on export. Especially if you invoke DeNoise AI as a plugin … so to get the Save as option open from the File open dialog.

You should check with support to see if that issue has been addressed.

Just as a explanation search for Linear DNG files which are RAW files that have been partially developed. So whether DeNoise can identify them I don’t know. For example, DxO will produce linear DNG but a camera won’t.

I believe that Photo AI supposedly knows the difference.