Distortions on faces in group photos

when working on a test picture with a group of people, the result is ugly with faces not corrected and others over corrected to the point you can’t recognize people.
What did I do wrong ?

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. drag and drop picture
  2. let Autopilot work
  3. Save the picture

Topaz Photo AI V2 on Mac

For this particular picture, try turning on the Upscale filter which will enhance the resolution of the entire image. The AI models use existing image data and since the faces are rather small and low resolution, the Face Recovery model will struggle.

The upscaling filter is already at 3.91 and the original image is quite good quality (around 11 Mo)
The Topaz output is less weight by the way !
I tried other upscale values without success

Something else: in the split view, what is supposed to be the original image is not the actual one (which is much better quality). So it gives the wrong feeling that the corrected one is much better. In fact it’s the opposite !

Patrick Furno

Can you send me your system profile? I was able to use the original image you uploaded and not run into the conflicts that you described. Please follow the “Find Your System Profile” link on this site for your operating system: System Requirements | Topaz Photo AI

Here you are

Patrick Furno

The age of the graphics card (released 2015) may be the limiting factor here. You can try updating the drivers using this link and see if that improves the performance: https://drivers.amd.com/drivers/unified_r3_19.30.01.53_whql_200108a-350660c_m.zip

Well frankly this is tricky for me
When I reach AMD Drivers site, which one should I choose ?
I went for Linux X86 one, but once downloaded I have a "amd-driver-installer-15.302-x86.x86_64.run » file that can’t be run directly and need an additional file that can’t be found on Apple store.
Can you be more specific ?
Beside, the file version is Dec 2015. It should be the one I have already.

Patrick Furno

You can use this link instead which automatically detects if you need a particular driver: https://support.amd.com/en-us/download/auto-detect-tool

Keep in mind though, even with updated drivers the age of the graphics card itself may still be the limiting factor.

I end up in the same page, and I will have the same run type for the drivers

Actually The Topaz Photo AI as it is on my system is not providing any service for the photos. Worse, it brings additional problems. So my next move will be to put it aside, and never use it again, and all of this for 150$. Would it be possible to consider that it’s my trial period (which is technically true) and refund me ?

Best regards

Patrick Furno

For a refund, you’ll have to submit a support ticket at support.topazlabs.com using the beacon at the bottom right corner of the page. They’ll be happy to take care of you there.

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