Distant face recognition

Can face recognition be enhanced, to pick up faces in the distance, where less reconstruction/processing is required to make someone look human? If someone is too far away, the rest of the image is processed nicely, but the resulting distant faces instantly make the image unusable.

The AI models rely on existing image data so if the original lacks detail or if the resolution is too poor, the app will struggle as well. That’s what we see happening here. Try using just the Upscale filter to enhance the resolution of the entire image.

Thanks Tim,

I actually already used the upscale filter to increase the size. I should’ve marked the image up better but basically:

LEFT image: Original unedited.
RIGHT image: Upscaled and then cropped in to show you the result in more detail.

As well as the existing image data, I thought (or rather hoped) that if there was poor image data, the Ai model would refer to it’s ‘image bank’ based on similar scenarios, and be able to ‘build’ the pieces that it can’t collect from the existing image.

For something like this, the face wouldn’t actually need to have a lot of detail, but it would be good if it could give a better approximation of the human face, based on the shapes presented in the image.

Do you think this might be something that will happen in future releases?

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We’re definitely working on improving our AI models. We’re toying with the idea of being able to train the model with specific faces, eg. you could input high quality pictures of yourself to recover an image where the face might need Face Recovery and it builds it based on your specific images.

This is not currently in the works but we are improving the models in other ways at the moment.