Display in Topaz Studio 2.2.0

I should have written about this some time ago, but I have not been active in processing due to an accident. When I open Studio 2.2.0 (TS2) from Photoshop 21.0.2 and previous versions my monitor adds what appears to be sharpening to the image. It doesn’t go away and it is difficult to determine what the changes I make in Studio are actually doing with my photograph. As soon as I go back to PS, the image is correct and the changes are what I did with the photograph.

I used Windows 10 (latest upgrade), I have an NVIDIA video card, and other apps that do not have the display issue. I have also opened the same image from TS2 and it has the same display issue. There are very few preferences that can be changed in TS2 so I am at a loss of a resolution.

If anyone else has the problem or has had the problem and a resolution please let me know.


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I suggest you raise a support request as a monitor won’t add sharpening so there should be no difference between what you see between PS and Studio.

I have the same issue using TS 2 on a Win 10 PC. I mostly run TS 2 as a plugin to Ps CC 2020.

My images are covered with ‘snow’ (way over-sharpened globally) when they launch into TS 2 in a way they don’t appear at all in Ps CC.

I just updated to Win 10 in January. I don’t recall this issue prior to late Fall-ish of 2019. Have you been using Win 10 for a while? If so, do you have a rough recollection of when you started seeing that change in resolution or over sharpening?

I’m searching for other tickets on this to figure out if there’s some common operating environment. I reported my issue too…

Nvidia added a global image sharpening function to their GPU drivers during this time period. It should be off by default, but perhaps it got turned on?

Hmmm. So that’s interesting. Except I don’t have NVIDIA. So that’s not a commonality with my PC. Plus, wouldn’t that be happening - if in the driver - for every instance of opening an image on one’s PC? Versus just upon opening from a host application (Ps CC) where the image looks fine into a plugin or opening into TS 2 as host (if using it standalone)?

Honestly I’m not educated technically enough about how drivers like that work to know what they could affect or how… But what you pointed out could be something interesting for Topaz to compensate for in their code. Even though ppl like me have AMD Radeon (I assume that’s different than the NVIDIA… see, told ya, that area of tech is not my skillset).

“Plus, wouldn’t that be happening - if in the driver - for every instance of opening an image on one’s PC”

The Nvidea driver allows you to choose which applications use specific settings…it’s possible to have different levels of sharpening, vibrancy, saturation etc used by specific applications such as web browsers, editing software or video players.

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Note that the Global Sharpening applies to all of an application, i.e. menus, display etc., not just images displayed.

It is off by default.