Discussions about Plugins Strategies that have no ending ... 😄

Hi, I recently removed a thread where there was lots of venting and complaining about the strategy that Topaz has choosen to go forward with regarding traditional ‘Photoshop’ plugins, note the emphasis on Photoshop. The strategy is clearly outlined in the faq link below and:

  • All future updates to adjustments/plugins will be accessed in Topaz Studio – to take advantage new updates you will have to download Topaz Studio.
  • You will still be able to run previous versions of plugins attached to other host editors like Photoshop and Lightroom, but all updates will only be accessible through Topaz Studio.
  • Understanding this is a change, we are moving all upgraded plugins into Topaz Studio because they run faster and are less demanding on your computer. We highly recommend exploring Topaz Studio and all of the excited unique features it has to offer.

This statement has some things that should be especially noted about demands on computer resources and if you use Clarity/Detail you would recognize that they were particularly slow because they were limited by RAM/CPU.

Think of this advance as a journey into a new world of processing, remember that the quality of the adjustments provided by Topaz Labs is being continually upgraded, and for free if you already own the plugin or Pro Adjustment, and now in a more convenient and timely manner.

New technology requires change in workflow … and all I can say is that when I adopted Capture One Pro as my DAM/Raw Converter of choice there were changes required to my Lightroom/Photoshop workflow to adopt the new technologies.

Let’s move forward and continually upgrade our methods and workflow by embracing the opportunities new technologies give …

Faq’s http://web.topazlabs.com/faq/

Note that this is a closed, informational thread …