Discovery of the new world of Topaz & Previous Installers

I feel like an old, aged photographic creative artist. I grew from Topaz classic plugins, from first Adjust then to photoFXlab. Loved with Impression, Glow and Texture. Wow, the Topaz Studio. In fact, photoFXlab was the new generation called Studio. But now, searching and discovering Topaz lab, I’m learning so much from Topaz. It just seems, for me, does so much needing too much?? Perhaps new people discovering Topaz have been changed from the classic plugins; have prefer the job of Studio. Its amazing the plugins are disappearing unless they are hiding into Adjustments! For example, can Clarity not downloaded for my phoFXlab? can it only be a Studio Adjustment? texture only an Adjustment? I’m just turning a sigh.

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Remember that Topaz Studio, its Basic Adjustments and RAW Converter are free for you to use … and all previous Plugins can be run from Studio.

Older versions can still be downloaded as plugins although remember that they will no longer be supported if they have been updated to be part of Topaz Studio as Impression, Glow, Texture Effects, Clarity, Detail and Simplicity have been. The installers can be downloaded from: