Disabling Renew Nags?

I was saddened when I saw Topaz go the route of DxO Nik in using annoying renewal nags.

Selecting ‘1 month’ until the next nag does nothing, it’s back every day. Is there a way to permanently disable these nags? It’s wrecking my automations and I’ve almost stopped using Nik because of it (thankfully there’s a config file you can set the update variable they hide from you).

This practice of ‘you keep what version you bought for forever, but we’ll nag you to hell until you renew’ is getting old. Please give us a permanent disable!



Screenshot 2022-09-02 040638

Same here, an extra click for each file. Imagine handling wedding photos by the hundreds?

I can’t even see the length of time selection. This is so scammy… If this continues I’ll never buy from Topaz again

I totally agree. I don’t mind paying for upgrades, and often do with other software.

But I’m hesitant to even use Topaz these days, let along upgrade it. Because the nag screens are so annoying, it just ticks me off.

At this point, the only upgrade I’m interested in is one that eliminates the nag screens permanently.

Is there any solution to this? What happens if you block Topaz from connecting with the Internet?

The last time I complained about this, a mod completely rewrote my post. I was not rude or profane or anything. I was gobsmacked to see words I didn’t write appear with my name on them. We’ll see if this post remains.

FWIW…using a firewall to block Topaz from accessing the Internet seems to work. You have to block each Topaz .exe individually, but that’s not all bad. It means you can block the products you don’t want to be nagged about, while allowing those you are still eligible to upgrade.

I used the firewall that comes with Windows, Windows Defender, but I imagine any firewall would work.

I was reluctant to do this earlier, in case I wanted to upgrade the products and forgot I blocked them. But enough is enough.