Dione models that only deinterlace or have options to turn off denoise/sharpening

The Dione models work great for deinterlacing, but there are instances where I need to deinterlace without any other processing, i.e. when a subject is far from the camera, the automatic denoise that gets applied in all the Dione models causes faces to turn to mush. I’d rather have a face in soft focus than one that’s in-focus but looks like melted plastic. Please consider adding this capability to future updates.

This seems to be a problem with VEAI in general; extra denoising appears dismal, overall. One moment you see a man with light stubbles, the next moment parts of his face looks like the skin of a goldfish.

I now turn back denoising sliders all the way. Fortunately, the A.i upscaling itself does quite a bit of repair, as it were, on the source too, that further denoising by VEAI is ill-advised.

Yeah I’ve seen the disappearing stubble as well. The vast majority of shots I’m upscaling are progressive so Proteus works great because of the control it gives me. But for the interlaced shots, only a few of them work well with Dione- mostly close-ups. For anything that is a medium shot or wider, all the extra processing that Dione applies to the shot completely ruin it, and it forces me to use other, crappier software to do the deinterlace pass.

Yep have the same problem. As you say the de-interlace is by far the best I’ve seen but on my GTX1080 an 80 minute film takes 9 hours without any upscaling. It’s clear it’s doing more than de-interlacing when I really don’t want it to do anything else and other models like Proteus give better control but it needs that de-interlace first. To be honest the Artemis models all do the same mushing with far too much denoise/smoothing in a lot of shots. A shot at the beach for instance practically exfoliated a man’s hairy legs in the processing!!! Funny but not particularly useful when it removes details. De-interlace only model needed that doesn’t take forever. Then I can choose the right model after for any other processing if I need it.