Dione DV model increases contrast

To convert DV footage to HD, I was unable to use the Dione DV model because it increases contrast, blowing out more highlights and crushing the shadows, which are already pretty bad on DV. Its a pity because it does a good job of deinterlacing. It would be good if it did not change exposure levels or perhaps have user adjustment.

Dione DV is working well - which codec did you use?

I have tried Microsoft AVI and mpeg2 (mainconcept), and the problem is not with that. However, I have done some more tests and have to admit the contrast change is small. I measured the RGB levels in a calibration image (attached), and the Topaz preview looks slightly more contrasty because mid to dark levels are slightly lower. The difference is small so I must be very sensitive to contrast changes. There is some edge enhancement which is to be expected, and perhaps this increases the perceived contrast in real video. I guess I should withdraw my criticism, but I still would prefer to be able to reduce the contrast a bit.



in your screenshot I see the ProRes 422 codec
ProRes 422 always distorts contrast

I did not know that about ProRes 422. H.264 does not seem to change the contrast, so thanks for the advice.

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