Dino Girl and Mr. Grog, a Portrait, with Something to Say

I sculpted, painted, ReMasked the parts; then, I combined them with my photo of model Lorinda H.

Corel PhotoPaint (host application), Topaz Adjust, ReMask, Impressions, and Glow.

Notable actions for Grog: Impressions and Glow liquefied sculptor’s lines, added glowing edges, added colors for body contouring. Grog’s left hand and shoulder added. Grog’s eyes replaced with ones I painted. Grog’s teeth layer sandwiched around Dino for the ear bite, and a drop shadow was added to Grog’s left hand adding dimension where it touches her skin.

Notable actions for Dino Girl: Topaz Glow’s liquid color blended with Dino’s face to smooth. Dino’s hair liquefied and extended. Dino’s eyes colored green (to match story line), and her lip color enhanced. Topaz Glow’s fur & feathers on Dino’s body (to improve issues with Dino not matching cartoon look of Grog). Created the hair flower, and the framing daisies (Glow’s Mysterious) to further balance the cartoon vs human look without turning Dino herself into a cartoon.

A JixiPix Moku Hanga version was created from the finished picture, for special applications.

This Portrait Has Something to Say.


Very cool artwork and movie.

The colors are gorgeous…you did a great job this image.

Very creative work and very nice explanation of your process

Thank-you, Kathy, I appreciate your warm words.

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Thanks Marty, my color is a throwback to way I balanced my prints in the darkroom, and it served as a buffer against the effects of print fading. Also, I found back when 56K modems were the fastest internet access you could get, this kind of color worked well to compensate for the necessary image size reduction needed for web design. I guess this why I like Topaz Adjust and Glow so much.

Thanks Kenneth, I appreciate the complement. I always hope that someone may find the process information at least interesting if not currently useful; however, one never knows when a piece of information may prove useful or to whom.

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