Digital Frame Adjustment Question

Just got the announcement for the Digital Frame Adjustment. This is interesting but, for me, it would be far more useful if one could just do the mat or mats. I didn’t see in the demo video if this was possible. Does anyone know?

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I was hoping Digital Frames would be the equivalent of borders in ON1 Photo Raw 2018, but it’s a different animal altogether. The mat seems unavoidable, and that makes it almost unusable for me.


The Frame/Mat Ratio slider lets you have just one or the other. Also one of the presets is just a plain white mat.

If you are referring to the Mat Width slider, it does not totally eliminate the mat. Am I missing something? Thanks, Anthony

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The Frame/Mat Ratio slider, not the Mat Width slider.

To do what you’re trying to accomplish @anthonyarm, try this:

  1. Set the Frame Width slider to 0
  2. Set the Overall Size slider to 0.2
  3. In the Frame/Mat control section, toggle to the Mat settings
  4. Select Mat Type, either color or texture
  5. Pick a color or texture, and use the Mat to create the framed image you want.

The result is something like this…

I just looked from top to bottom in the Digital Frame adjustment. I see no Frame/Mat Ratio slider. Thanks again, Anthony

The name of the slider @PaulM is referring to is now called Frame Width.

Thank you, Joe. That does create a border with no mat, but can I create a thin border? Even with the settings you suggest, and the Mat Width slider at zero, the border is much too wide for me. Thanks, Anthony

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I purchased Digital Frame not knowing you had changed everything. No more downloads- now you have to download Topaz Studio your Lightroom/Adobe wannabe. And I have no idea where to find digital frame and I’m signed in to Topaz Studio. Geez! What a disappointment!

I found Digital Frame but I would have preferred a plugin for Photoshop Elements where all my other Topaz plugins are located. I have enough Lightrooms, Elements, Luminar, DXO Photo lab, yada, yada

What’s the proper way to get a 2x3 aspect ratio mat when starting with a 3x4 aspect ratio image. I ask because, with Micro Four Thirds, I have a lot of 3x4 ratio images. I also have several 20x30 frames that I reuse for displaying and would like to fill them. How do I make a 20x30 image that looks like a mat containing a 3x4 ratio image?

Topaz Studio will install as a plug-in for Elements and you can call it like other Topaz plugins.

Look under the Adjustments button on the right or the Menu on the top.

A related question, one of the framing ideas is to use an optical center. I don’t know if Digital Frame does this (I think not). I’m guessing that if mat openings were somehow adjustable, then this could be done manually. But it would be sweet to have the optical center done automagically.

Thanks - but as mentioned below the remaining frame is quite wide - not very useful, and a bit disappointing as the adjustment is otherwise good.

These steps were looking pretty good until I noticed that the resulting “frame”'s edges were rounded on two sides and flat on the other. Changing the lighting just changed which edges were flat or rounded. We really do need a “frame only” option, not just a mat only option.

Anthony, Is this a thin enough border for you? It is in red only so you can see it against the image.

Try these settings:

Hi, Linda. Thanks for the information. It did help me get a thin border; then there was a drop shadow that I eventually got rid of, but I don’t remember how. It seems to be an awkward process to get a frame without a mat, but it may be a result of my failings. I will continue to tinker with it. Thanks again, Anthony

I’m glad that worked for you Anthony @anthonyarm. You eventually found the shadow in the second section…change the highlighted button from Mat to Frame and move the Shadow Strength slider to 0

Did you know you can save these settings once you have what you like? Makes it much easier to reproduce. Click the icon I circled in red in the screenshot above which gives you a dialog box to name your custom preset:

Click OK

Then the next time you want to use it, click the Preset drop-down button and choose the preset you just created. This will apply all your favorite settings as a starting point and you can adjust them from there if you like.

You can also create an Effect preset that will appear in the My Effects section on the left side of the workspace. Hope this isn’t TMI! LMK if you have any questions.

Right on. Thanks again.

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