Digital Frame adjustment: can you pick color from image?

Today I took a closer look at the Digital Frame Adjustment for the first time.

When I choose the frame type “color” I would like to be able to pick a color directly from my image, but I can’t figure out how to do this. My workaround would be to add the Color Theme adjustment just to get the values for the main colors in the image and copy the values of the best color into the Digital Frame adjustment’s color picker tool. This works, but the Color Theme adjustment only displays 5 colors from my image and it may not display the exact color I want.

Is there a way to directly pick colors from my image in the Color Picker tool?

BTW, I am a bit disappointed in the Digital Frame Adjustment. It does do a nice frame in a split second and the mat looks good, but it would be useful to have more features for the frame itself. The ability to select a texture for the frame is ok, but in practice most of the out-of-the-box textures are not suitable for frames. On1 used to have a fantastic framing plug-in called Photo Frame (they since incorporated some of the features into their new photo editing software) and I wish that Topaz had something comparable.

Yes, from Frame Type select colour instead of texture. The click on the Frame Colour box just below that to bring up the Colour Picker dialogue box, which includes an option to Pick Screen Colour.

Thanks for the quick reply! I had already brought up the color picker tool but completely overlooked the “Pick Screen Color” button, even though I was looking for that feature. The button is even very prominently placed, so I don’t understand how I missed it.

I consoled myself by framing a picture of a distillery I took in Scotland.