Different amounts of Face Recovery for each face in a picture

I have a very old poor quality b/w image of three people. Photo AI (v1.2.0) does an excellent job of improving the faces of two of the subjects, although I might want to reduce Autopilot a little. But, I really want to reduce Autopilot on the third, it’s of a lady wearing glasses and Autopilot is just too strong. What is the procedure for doing this, I tried various methods but have been unsuccessful.

Many thanks.

I’m not sure you can without doing it yourself in post with a layer from the original.

I have an old living room picture from the 1890s that has a picture on the wall behind the family. It picks up the face in the picture and turns her into an old woman wearing glasses. I still have that framed picture that they had hanging on the wall, and she actually was a young woman without glasses. To correct the Face Recovery error, I had to take a picture of the actual portrait, and overlay it into the Topaz version of the family scene.