Different AI model in different selections

An idea for DeNoiser:
It is often the case that different AI models exert their beneficial effects on only a portion of the image. At such times, I place them on a different layer in the PS and disguise the ones I like.
Is it possible for me to control this within a program, which selection should be noise-free with which AI model?
Sorry for my English :frowning:

If Iā€™m understanding you correctly, you are doing some selective layer masking.

If that is so, have you tried the Masking functionality in DAI to do the equivalent thing and limit where you are applying denoising?

I tried but as I have experienced it handles only one type of AI model.
I thought one part of the picture would say low light and another would have Standard and another would have Severe Noise.

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That would be great to be able to parse it by model like that!