Difference between Recover Details and new Recover Original Detail setting?

Just a quick question for the TVAI development team…What is the difference between the Recover Details setting in Proteus and Iris versus the new Recover Original Detail setting?

I’m not on their team, but I can explain:
‘Recover Details’ Uses AI to “guess” what the smoothed out details are supposed to look like. In my testing, it most noticeably darkens small detail outlines.
‘Recover Original Detail’ Blends the original source with the enhanced output.

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“Recover Details” is a bit missleading because it does not recover any details but makes existing ones more visible. “Recover Original Detail” is a counter measure to get back details that were in the original footage and got lost by Iris. Here you get more infos about it:

There is no difference. For all models where it is available, it blends the input into the model’s output.

Thanks! This maybe explains why jacking up Recover Original Detail helped so much in countering Iris’s tendency to reduce and soften details. When I tried the same thing with Recover Details, it started reintroducing noise (or so it seems).

After update to [Topaz Video AI v3.3] we have the option to add detail and recoeer detail.
My question is about the Proteus Model, How can i get the same results as prev to the update. Now I am having very bad outcome using the Auto Parameters in 4.0.3, comparing to y results while using 3.0.5.

In File → Preferences → Advanced enable the old models:


Then you can select the older Proteus models in the Enhancemens:


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Any idea if the parameters Add Noise and Add Details matter? Even changing here I am not able to replicates same results as Auto.

“Add noise” is not adding film grain. It adds noise to the image before processing to enable the a. i. to remove compression artifacts more effective.

“Recover details” does not actually recover details. It will just keep a certain amount of the original image blended over the new image.

I am having the same on Dione TV (v4). up to v3.0.11, everything was good. Since v3.1+ things got worse. it cleans up less noise compared to previous versions. that is why I keep a copy of v3.0.11 installed as well along side the latest one

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I cannot reinstall my older version, I have a MAC.