Did V2 change so not all DNG files are treated as RAW?

Windows 11, Photo AI 2.0.1.

I just ran Helicon Focus on a series of RAW images. The output is a dng file. Helicon USES the same DNG converter that Lightroom uses. Lightroom treats the dng as a normal RAW file - processing is the same as for a mfr-specific RAW.

I used the Lightroom plug-in to send the dng to Photo AI. In there, I don’t have the “RAW” noise reduction - it looks like this…

Screenshot 2023-09-16 172131
This is the noise reduction I associate with a TIF or JPG file, not a dng.

If I send an ARW (RAW) file, it looks like this:
Screenshot 2023-09-16 172357

If I convert the ARW file to a dng and send that, Photo AI treats THAT dng as a RAW file and I have the “RAW” noise reduction.

My recollection is that in 1.5.X ANY dng file was treated the same as a RAW file. If necessary I can reinstall 1.5 to test it, but did Topaz change the behavior of Photo AI so it no longer recognizes SOME dng files as “RAW”? If so, can y’all fix it 'cause I’d like to have the new version(s) of noise reduction.

No the behavior has not been changed, Helicon Focus DNGs are not RAW files.

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Thanks for clarifying @AiDon