Did anyone see an improvement with the AMD RTX 7900 XTX?

With this new version. Not seeing it so far. Had no idea the AMD chip didn’t fully utilize TensorRT. I am going to compare it with a Nvidia RTX 4080.

I’m also interested about the AMD 7900XTX performance with TVAI v3.1.x. Can anyone test the card and share with us?

If someone is looking for NV 4090/3090 performance, I got some data can share with you guys.

Upscale from 1080p to 4k(using default setting, v3.1.0.4b)
NV 4090 Proteus ~5.6fps
NV 3090 Proteus ~2.9fps
NV 4090 Artemis ~7.4fps
NV 3090 Artemis ~3.8fps

Thanks twpotato, for the Nvidia data, very much appreciated.