DeNoiseAI v2.2.3 & Photoshop

Just upgraded to DeNoiseAI 2.2.3 and now in Photoshop (latest release) when applying DeNoise as a filter and going back to the filter any settings made in DeNoise and any Mask created are lost - DeNoise appears to revert to it’s default state. This was a problem a few releases back, was fixed, but now appears to be a problem again…

If you are talking about Smart Object support it has never been there. If you are talking about the CTRL/CMD+F command to invoke the last filter it does retain the settings but not the mask.

Hi - thanks for the reply - however it definitely worked with Smart Objects before this upgrade at 2.2.2 - I have just spent a couple of days editing where I have my image as a Smart Object in PS and then invoke DeNoise from the Filter menu - do the the edits and Apply to save back - when I went back into the DeNoise filter in the Smart Image stack for an image it showed the previous settings used for that image - so I know that it was ok at 2.2.2. Updated this morning to 2.2.3 and it doesn’t work now… going back into DeNoise in the filter stack it reverts to default again. It’s not a major issue as it’s quick to do the changes again, just more of an annoyance (although losing the mask can be more annoying).

Hi, I’m on a Denoise trial. Was intending to use it with my Smart Objects in PhotoShop. Are you saying that Denoise doesn’t support non-destructive editing with Smart Objects? Because I also notice the behaviour the OP describes.
In addition: Is it a bug or by-design that the Denoise UI opens every time Photoshop renders the smart filters? My other plug-ins like the Nik collection don’t open the UI but only applies the current settings again without any user interaction. With the Denoise I have to manually set the correct values again, and press Apply every time PS renders the smart object, and that’s quite often.

Hi - I’ve been using AIClear and then DeNoiseAI for a while now. The issue with the SmartObjects was fixed in 2.2.2 (possible the release before - can’t remember) and it retained the values on reopening DeNoise - I had reported it not working on a previous release, then it was fixed, but now it’s broken again - hopefully the next release will fix that again. Regards DeNoiseAI opening every time PS renders the smart filters, then yes, that is the behaviour and that has been consistent - hence the annoyance as you say when the previous values are lost… FYI when I’m using DeNoiseAI and have it in a stack of filters for the smart object image I switch off the DeNoiseAI filter in the stack whilst I do everything with the other filters (I use Camera Raw mainly) - make the changes I need, and then finally switch back on the DeNoiseAI filter as a last step which then has to go through the rendering process again. It would be nice if DeNoiseAI didn’t have to re-render for every change to other filters but in the meantime I find this workaround fits my workflow. Hope that helps. I have found the results from DeNoiseAI superb but the integration with PS has its niggles.

Thanks a lot! At least I know how it works. Your workaround tip is nice, helps a bit. I’ve read some really good reviews, and heard nice things from others about Denoise AI, so I’m hoping to be able to make use of it.