"DeNoiseAI" & "SharpenAI". The problems with "Mask" interface and feedback "smiles" buttons

I noticed that the “Mask” panel in the programs “DenoiseAI” version 3.2.0 and “SharpenAI” version 3.2.1 behave differently.
In the program “DenoiseAI” version 3.2.0, when you click the “Mask” button, the toolbar does not change its size.
In the program “SharpenAI” version 3.2.1, when you click the “Mask” button, the height of the toolbar increases and partially overlaps the processed image. This leads to the need to re-position the image.

In addition, in both programs, feedback buttons(smiles) are very annoying, which also overlap part of the image.
You have been repeatedly asked to move these buttons to another place in the interface, but you ignored these requests.

In addition ,the “masking brush” under these buttons cannot work correctly due to the blur zone. And repeated manipulations with the brush in the lower right corner can lead to accidental and unwanted clicking on the feedback buttons.

No graphics or video processing application has controls in the main working window of the program. In extreme cases, the user always has the option to hide these elements or move them.