Denoise Save to .tiff


When processing RAW files in DeNoise, the only option seems to be to save the processed file to a .DNG file. This is fine however, when I bring the .DNG file into Capture One the colors are incorrect. Now this could be a Capture One issue and I am still researching that.

My question though, is can DeNoise save a processed RAW file to a .TIFF file? If not, is there a reason this option is not offered?


It is there, send a TIFF from C1 and it will overwrite.

If you are using standalone just set it in the preferences.


I am using it in standalone mode and I have gone into the preferences but do not see anywhere to specify that a RAW file can/should be saved as a TIFF versus a DNG. It does allow me to specify an extension however, that can’t possibly be the way that I am supposed to tell DeNoise to use a different export file format is it!?


Yes, should be DNG, TIFF, PNG or JPEG … select what you want and the parameters. Use Save as.

Thank you. I had not deselected ‘preserve input settings’ and therefore my RAW files were being saved as .PNG and there were not any other file type to select. Deselecting that option provided me a number of options. Clearly user error on my part!

As usual, Topaz keep up the great work creating tools to help us increase our productivity and to be able to capture impossible images!

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