Denoise quality

I like Artemis model mostly because of denoise + sharpening.
But here is example where it fails:

ALQ13 (too much details lost on face - plastic):

AMQ13 (not all noise removed, and face is also plastic, plus from frame to frame face has details and does not):

Here are original frames and processed.

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Last time I checked, which was only about two versions ago, the GUI generates commands that still pick the 4X model of Artemis instead of 2X when going from DVD resolution to FHD. I would not be surprised if the same thing is happening here. It’s applying a 2X model instead of 1X.
The easiest way to check is run the same preview in VEAI 2.6.4 with all the same settings.

Never mind. It’s not that. I got the same results with those provided original frames. It looked much worse with the 2X version of Artemis Medium Quality.
It sure would be nice if they could improve the Artemis models.

In the meantime, have you tried Proteus manual with just remove noise, or Theia?

Proteus auto does not remove noise (but should as I think).
Proteus relative to auto/manual with maximum noise removal is much worse than artemis medium (noise is nearly not removed at all).

Proteus does well with mild noise and is the preferred preset to use (quality). if it’s heavy noise Artemis is needed

I specified Proteus manual because I knew auto and relative to auto would not do what you want.

I tried Theia on the original frames, I had to turn it up to 100 and it still left noise.

@ForSerious what is your manual Proteus preset values/settings you usually work with?
I want to give it a shot on my noisy Vids…

I don’t use Proteus for denoising. I suggested it because It’s an option.
Usually I run noisy videos through Vapoursynth QTGMC EZ Denoise function. I try a bunch of values to find one that takes enough out, but not all. Then I’ll run it though Proteus Manual with Revert Compression from 30 to 65 depending on how much is needed. That’s for DVD to FHD. For already FHD sources that are noisy, like Artur_Alekseev provided, I use Artemis High or Medium Quality.
I did use Apollo to denoise a movie once, but I think it only worked because I also converted it to H265 at CRF 22 after. Any lower and it kept some of the noise.

So yeah. I’m hoping they either update Artemis to be more real-looking or, that the new version of Proteus they are working on, can do a great job on movies like this.

Is QTGMC only to be used when de-interlacing or it also good for progressive scan videos?
I only know/use it when I need to de-interlace (and I denoise along the way by using “Slower” preset - maybe you can comment about this preset, pros/cons - I don’t know the level of EZ denoise used when selecting this preset)

I just ran a 1080p video with high quality, but due to low light condition it was moderate noisy. I wanted to reduce the noise. i ran Proteus Auto and it didn’t really do anything worthy. then I ran Artemis High and it did a very good job removing the noise, but i felt it also removed a lot of details along the way.
so i tried running Dione: DV, because i remembered it does a fairly good job removing noise and sharpening with relative hardly any detail lose, since my video was progressive scan, i had to force back the fps output settings back to 50fps, which in exchange switched on the frame interpellation model and used Chronos fast. I must say, even though the level of noise was not 100% removed, but it was very close in par to what Artemis HQ removed, but with the details still intact.
so I think the Dione: DV is the best compromise noise reduction / detail preservation.
I know i mentioned it before already (and you came out with the Theia issue post), but then it was on SD videos I had. this time, I gave it a shot on a high quality FHD video that the only sin it did was being noisy. I see it works at least as good on FHD videos as at did with SD content.

I didn’t know Apollo denoises … i thought it was only for Slow motion and other frame tricks.

just found this on Hybrid (for any scan/progressive scan). could you suggest the settings you use for your denoising (usually)?

This is what I have been using. The main thing I change is the EZDenoise level:

I haven’t spent the time to find out if all the settings I picked are needed. Maybe they depend on the source.

a Quick question. when de-interlacing a video (in Hybrid), you have the same settings selection options available in the QTGMC De-Interlace filter as the above.


When you need to de-interlace a video, do you also denoise (assuming it also needs noise treatment as well) it at the same time using the De-Interlace QTGMC settings at the same run or you do it in two steps process?

Which of the three methods popping to my mind you use?

  1. de-interlace + DeNoise settings at the same De-Interlace QTGMC filter/tab and running it as one pass.

  2. de-interlace but no DeNoise settings at all in the de-interlace QTGMC tab, but set the DeNoise in the VapourSynth → DeNoise tab, and running it at the same pass.

  3. de-interlace with no DeNoise settings at all 1st pass, then Denoise (VapourSynth tab) as a second pass (this makes sense if lossless is used)

I do it in one pass in the deinterlace section.
As much praise as the QTGMC deinterlacer gets on these forums, I have found that it creates wobbly motions on any level that’s not Very Slow. And even then, there’s still some wobble. It does, for sure, keep more detail than ffmpeg yadif. So I keep using it.
Last week, I tried to run Doine DV in the command line. Turns out it does no deinterlacing. TVAI instead uses the bwdif filter from ffmpeg to do the deinterlacing. Some time I plan to compare QTGMC vs yadif vs bwfif.

I think they mentioned it somewhere. that the deinterlacing is actually ffmpeg bwfif.
my only issue with QTGMC on Slower / very slow preset, is it reduces noise to much and some fine details are lost.
when i did some testing I noticed that TVAI generates a slightly better image quality upscaling when i used “fast” preset then “slower” preset, it preserved a little bit more details.

Hi everyone!

We’ve moved this thread to general, but I wanted to let you all know we’re looking into these examples of Artemis to inform our choices for future updates. Thanks for sharing your experiences and recommendations.

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by the way , I did the compare two days ago on few SD samples.
Yadif + Bob, Decomb +Bob, Decomb + EEDI2 Bob, Bwdif + Bob & QTGMC + Bob.
in a nutshell , they all de interlaced preatty much the same, I could hardly tell any difference between them when it came to de-interlacing outcome. the only difference was post de-interlacing process such as noise and sharpening. QTGMC was the on top of course as it was designed for that.
Decomb , Bwdif, Yadif: some videos were better with Bwdif, some yadif, some decomb , but the difference was so subtle that it took me real focus on each frame (frame pause) to see the difference.
so in general, whatever you use would probably be good and would not be noticed by the average person.
ohh P.S. EEDI2 preset is a total waste of time, it take ages to process and hardly did I see any difference to a non EEDI2 preset.
if you have other findings, please share.