Denoise is really bad for distorting text compared to Lightroom Classic's new DENOISE AI

The first two images are before and after screen captures of an image when Adobe Lightroom Classic’s new DENOISE AI is applied. The third image shows what happens to the text when the image is processed by Topaz Photo AI. As can be seen here, Adobe’s DENOISE AI is applied to the background without causing much, if any, distortion of the text. In comparison, in the same image the text was significantly distorted when I applied noise removal using Topaz Photo AI. While I did not do other screen captures from Topaz Photo AI, the application of the least possible amount of noise removal still distorted the text, even when I spent a lot of time selecting text to Preserve. Adobe’s DENOISE AI did not require any selection of text to exclude.
Much of what I use Topaz Photo AI for is to remove noise. Adobe’s new Adobe’s DENOISE AI is much better than Topaz Photo AI’s version — so much so that I am much less inclined to continue using Topaz AI as often as I have been. Making me even more likely to cut back on my use of Topaz AI is its radically new version, which I really dislike as compared to the prior version.