DeNoise in Studio

I know this is probably starting to sound like a broken record, but I just noticed that although I have a license for DeNoise I do not have the Reduce Noise functionality included in Studio. I have the vanilla Reduce Noise but not the full version and I have the Go Pro line at the bottom.

I had the same problem with Precision Detail, but that went away with the latest version of Studio and verifying my plugins, but why do I still have this problem with Reduce Noise? Is that not free for license holders of DeNoise?

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Good Question Mike! I just tried a picture with Studio latest update, and mine is the same here. I have the bundle version update DeNoise and the Standalone version of DeNoise too. I did try re-validation in the studio menu and it did no good…so maybe it will get fixed soon.

DeNoise hasn’t been added to Studio yet. Access your DeNoise plugin via the plugins menu in Studio.

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No it isn’t free for DeNoise owners as you can see the functionality is very different. Reduce Noise and DeNoise are not the same product.

> you can see the functionality is very different

OK. I will take your word for it that the functionality for Reduce Noise and DeNoise are different, but I do not see why they should be different. What is the difference in reducing noise (which I assume Reduce Noise does) and DeNoise (which clearly reduces noise).

I fail to see any obvious difference in the goals of each.

I agree with the sentiments of this poster.

I love my Topaz plug-ins. When I have had to contact support in the past the customer service has been outstanding. I want Topaz Labs to succeed here.

I do not believe these are separate products. If anything many of these pro adjustments we are being charged for have the same goals, but have REDUCED functionality. What is under the hood might be different from the developer perspective, but the function is not different from the user perspective.

I strongly feel that Topaz needs to rethink the upgrade path for these pro adjustments for existing users.

I’ve done a lot of reading up on Topaz Studio since it came out and no one has been able to make a strong, clear case as to why existing users would want to buy pro adjustments other than it’s easier for Topaz Labs to develop for them? I understand that, but what does it do for your existing customers who purchased plug-ins other than put us on notice the plug-ins will no longer be updated?

If I’m missing something I apologize in advance. The sense of frustration I’m trying to convey here is in direct proportion to how much I love these plug-ins and everything else about Topaz Labs.


I own the entire plugin collection. The upgrades continue to be free as each plugin gets integrated into Studio. So far Clarity, Detail, Impression, and Simplify have been migrated and updated into Studio. Any of the Pro adjustments that were related to features and functionality in those 4 plugins have been licensed - for free - to owners of the related plugin.

There has never been a requirement for plugin owners to buy the Pro adjustments. From the beginning of Studio’s release, it has been stated that plugin owners will continue to get free upgrades/updates but that those updates will only be available in the free Studio host program in the form of adjustments. Folks new to Topaz will have to buy the Pro adjustments, just like past new users had to buy plugins. The real requirement will be a change to your workflow if you want to continue to use the most up-to-date software.

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I see it a little differently. Once you state that the updates to the plug-in will only be in the form of adjustments, you then have to buy the relevant adjustment if you want the update. You have to buy the relevant adjustment because not all of the plug-ins will be migrated to Studio. I’m OK with this, but what do we get in return?

The folks who were willing / able to work with LR,PS and the Topaz plug-ins are probably not the users who are going to benefit from Studio and the associated upgrade costs. As a question that I sincerely would like to know the answer to, HOW do the folks who use LR, PS and Topaz plug-ins benefit from Studio?


I purchased Denoise as a plug in to PS - OK then why isn’t it in the list of plug ins in Studio? When I need Denoise (which is often) I have to go to PS.

I don’t know. Is your DeNoise plugin up-to-date? Don’t know if that would make a difference. I didn’t have to do anything for them to show up; it was automatic. I’m on a Win 10 machine. Maybe it has something to do with how you initially put DeNoise on your system?? I don’t have PS, so don’t know anything about that or MacOS issues either.

I have the entire collection and all 17 show up in the plugin menu; I’ve not attempted to use Clean, DeJpeg, Remask, or Simplify but have successfully used all the other plugins in Studio, including DeNoise.

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No you don’t. I’ve not had to pay anything for the Pro adjustments related to Clarity, Detail, Impression, or Simplify.

We don’t know that since Topaz hasn’t provided a roadmap for updating all the plugins into Studio. I’m assuming they’ll continue to add all the remaining plugins with the probable exception of PhotoFX which is kind of what Studio replaces. With all the benefits they get on the development and maintenance side of things, it wouldn’t make sense to only update some of the plugins unless some plugin was just going to be effectively discontinued. Again, that’s my assumption/opinion. And if that’s correct, they will all upgrade for free. Of course, you’ll have to wait for the upgrades to be implemented; in the meantime you can access the plugins via the plugin menu.

I’m a LR user. I edit in Studio from LR. I call all the plugins from there and use the free adjustments and those Pro adjustment that have been upgraded for free. I used to use PhotoFX in the same way.

I don’t have PS. So one benefit is the layer support in Studio. It’s also much easier to experiment with many plugins; I can create several different images and version all in a single session without creating an excess of TIFFs back in LR. If warranted, I can save my work in Studio as a standalone project outside of LR and return to continue the work. I can also return multiple images back to LR, e.g. I can return separate black and white and color versions and continue to process them independently back in LR (this requires a little trick that takes advantage of the way Studio saves back to the host program.)

When the plugins get migrated into Studio, the individual panels in the plugins become a single adjustment. So it’s easy to use the specific features of different plugins and have each treated as a layer which can be blended and masked as desired. This will also eliminate the redundancy that exists among some of the features of plugins.

There are certainly other advantages. And these are in addition to the implicit benefits of having improved development and maintenance costs. Especially since Topaz is a very small company.

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Will you be buying the remaining Pro Adjustments that are not zeroed out after Studio has validated your plug-ins or will you be waiting to see what gets migrated?

I’ve got a lot of patience, :slight_smile: so I’ll wait to see what gets migrated. I’m OK with this since I can always keep using my plugins. But if Topaz creates some new Pro adjustment unlike anything in the current plugins I’ll give it the same consideration for purchase that I’d give a new plugin.

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If something is new in Adjustments that I know is available in one of the plug-ins I already own but I want the benefit of the easier to use Adjustment, I’ll download a trial copy. It’s good for 30 days and so far, by the time that expires, the Specialty Menu (upgraded plug-in) has included the upgraded version. I expect that the same will apply at least for the majority of the current plug-ins. Since I own all of the Topaz Labs suite and upgrades are free, I don’t expect to have to lay out any money for any of the Adjustments until something brand new and not available in the Topaz Labs current plug-in lineup comes in.

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I own all the old plugins, including Denoise, and Denoise shows up in Topaz Studio in the Plugin menu. If it isn’t showing up for you I would recommend checking your Topazlabs account (not the Topaz Studio one) to make sure that Denoise is listed correctly with all the other plugins. If it is, and you still can’t access it in Topaz Studio after making sure you have the latest version of TS, I would submit a support ticket to Topaz to have the problem fixed.

You missed the OP’s point here.

Correct, that plug-in owners don’t have to pay any update fee when the plug-in is migrated to Studio.

However, DeNoise has not been migrated to Studio…and we don’t know when/if it will be. So, we have “Reduce Noise”, but it is not the same as DeNoise. Thus, the user is left wondering…lite version? same with a different name? same if I buy the Pro? Who knows…it’s not clear.

I am in this same category and have researched that RN is not the same as DeNoise…so I know the answer for my self. But, each person being left to ferret this out for themselves is not a good strategy for User Happiness.

I think the answer may be that DeNoise hasn’t been added to Studio as yet. Pro Adjustments are not activated without a trial or until the plug-in is upgraded to Studio. However, you should have any plug-ins you own useable through the Plug In heading in Studio. If they are there, I would expect the Pro feature may be activated at that point. If they are not showing up under the Plug-in heading in Studio, a support request is probably needed.

Topaz DeNoise and Reduce Noise have no direct relationship according to support.

I have DeNoise in my plug-in menu. Reduce Noise (Pro) is not activated.

As I understand it, it’s not expected to be.

> You missed the OP’s point here.


I have to say that I still do not really know the difference between DeNoise and Reduce Noise. I am told that they are different, but exactly how? What functionality is in Reduce Noise that is not in DeNoise? If anything, Reduce Noise seems like a hobbled version of DeNoise, yet I am told that since they are different I have to pay if I want to use Reduce Noise.

I have no problem with paying for new functionality and, in fact, have bought at least one of the new Studio plugins even though I have the basic set of original plugins that I need, but I would like to think that the “new functionality” is, in fact, new functionality. Maybe someone could point out exactly how Reduce Noise is not a crippled version of DeNoise so I could see how and why they are different and why it is worth paying extra for.

Simply put you should try them both, the Reduce Noise adjustment is targeted at general noise in a image, DeNoise is a far more complete product allowing you to control noise in individual color channels, shadows, highlights … then you can clean the color noise, correct the black level and recover detail, reduce blur, add grain and deband the image.

Reduce Noise is basic luminosity, color etc. and basic blur reduction (sharpening).

I don’t see what the issue is here as they are not the same product … DeNoise targets RAW files, Reduce Noise is any general images.